Alamo Heights Kennel Club & Salon

    Alamo Heights Kennel Club

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Better behavior for better companionship

Featuring tested methods that approach dog training from the perspective of both the dog and its handler, our professional instruction is designed to teach basic obedience commands and on-leash/walking techniques.

We offer two convenient options for training, both of which require that dogs be at least 20 weeks old to participate.



Option A

  • $350
  • Two week board-in training beginning on a Saturday and ending on a Sunday
  • One hour review with owner to teach specific approach and hand signals
  • Free refresher sessions as needed; note that boarding charges will apply during any refresher session
  • Complimentary “Go Home Bath” on day of pick-up

Option B

  • $80
  • Six week interactive course with dog and handler, one hour per week
  • New command taught and reviewed each week

Repeat, repeat, and repeat some more!

It is said that it takes up to 150 times for your dog to hear a command before they truly understand and respond to it. So once you are home be patient and be prepared to consistently reinforce the training your dog receives at AHKC for optimum success.

*Rates subject to change, please verify when scheduling your stay.